Deck & Fence Staining and Painting Services in Erie, CO

Superior Protection For Your Outdoor Living Spaces

If you want to upgrade your outdoor living space in Erie, Broomfield, Lafayette and the surrounding areas—A New View Painting is ready to serve you. With years of experience transforming decks and fences, our professional house painters built our reputation by delivering excellence in every service that we do. Our experts can tackle any painting or staining project and have a keen understanding of the challenges Colorado weather presents to wood structures on your property.

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Deck Staining Experts

Your decks are an investment that can increase the value of your home. Proper staining helps your deck last for a long time. Whether it is brand new or you’re looking into rejuvenating your old deck, A New View Painting can provide the best staining services that fit your needs. Turn your backyard into an oasis and choose the best tint and finish for your deck.

Fence Staining

Fences don’t just offer privacy for your property, they protect it too! If you’re looking into enhancing the look of your outdoor space, our experts can help you make your fence look brand new. We offer our fence staining services for homeowners in Erie, Broomfield, Lafayette, and other surrounding areas.

Arbor & Pergola Staining

Make your arbors be the center of attention in your garden! Proper staining will not only help keep your arbors protected from elements but will also add strength for it to support rose bushes or other climbing plants. Superior arbor staining services are what we do! If you are a homeowner in Erie, CO and other surrounding areas—let our team transform your arbors!

Shed Painting & Staining

Transform your shed and bring back its rustic charm. Our team of painting & staining professionals can help you create a very unique look for your shed and make it an attractive feature in your space. Staining & painting doesn’t only make your shed beautiful, it also helps enhance the wood and protect it from harsh weather.

Playhouse Staining

Make your backyard more magical by transforming your garden playhouse! Make it safer for your children or grandchildren too. Staining helps create a safe environment by protecting the wood structure. Let our team help you. By using high quality staining materials, your backyard can be a wonderful place for creative play.

Barn Painting & Staining

Keep your barn in excellent shape with professional barn painting and staining services in Erie, CO and other surrounding areas. Protect your barn from damage by sealing it with stain to help maintain its structural integrity and appearance. 

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Benefits of Deck & Fence Staining and Painting

Your decks and fences can make your outdoor living an oasis. Fences offer privacy and shelter from the wind, while decks create comfortable outdoor living spaces. A New View Painting offers staining services for your decks, fences and other outdoor wood structures. Whether it is newly installed or something you’ve already had before, we can recommend the best staining solutions to protect your wood structures for years to come. Staining your decks and fencing provides many benefits including:

  • Enhancing the wood’s natural tones, textures, knots and grain
  • Penetrating the wood grain to prevent moisture damage and rot
  • Highlighting the beauty of your structures with a wide selection of tints and finishes available

When you choose the right stain and finish for your project, it transforms and protects your wood deck, fence and other outdoor structures. As a result, you can have years of enjoyment maximizing your investment and minimizing maintenance.

Satisfaction Guarnateed

With our top-quality products, high level of customer service, and superior attention to detail, we are the Premier Deck, Fence, and Outdoor Living Space Painters of Erie.


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Erie Outdoor Protective Coating Experts

A New View Painting is Erie, CO and other surrounding areas’ deck and fence staining experts. We deliver the right staining solution for your needs. We help protect and transform your exterior wood structures for longevity and improved structural integrity. Your investment maintains its value while you also enjoy the new look of your structures with minimal maintenance.

Speak to our team today for a free estimate on your next deck or fence staining project.

Answers to your Professional Painting Questions

Deck And Fence Staining FAQs

If you are looking for the best deck and fence painting and staining services near you, A New View Painting is the top choice. Our professional painters have the skills and experience needed to deliver perfect results – ensuring that your outdoor space looks amazing and remains protected against wear and tear.

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The average cost depends on the area and complexity of your painting or staining needs. That’s why we offer a FREE estimate to help you gauge your budget!
Weather is an important factor to consider when scheduling an outdoor staining or painting project.

From our experience with Colorado weather, we do exterior work from March to November. To learn more about the perfect time for an outdoor project, give us a call at (970) 660-3993 and talk to our expert painters!

To know which stain or paint is perfect for your outdoor structure, it’s important to consider the type of wood, porosity level, and your desired color and finish.

Different types of wood absorbs stains differently, and the look and finish will also vary. Our team at A New View Painting offers free color consultations to help you choose the best stain for your specific type of wood.

A newly painted or stained deck and fence will make your outdoor living more beautiful and protected—increasing its value. 

Whether you’re planning to sell your property or just want to reinvent your space give us a call to get started!