Are you planning an exterior house painting project? It’s easy to be tempted by the colors and visions of a freshly painted home, but there is one often-overlooked step that can either make or break your project: preparation. Exterior house painting preparation goes beyond simply buying supplies, it requires careful inspection, cleaning, repair, and restoration work before any primer or sealant can even be considered.

At A New View Painting in Erie, Colorado we understand this crucial step in the process and prioritize pre-painting preparation to ensure our customers get amazing results every time.

Why Exterior House Painting Preparation Matters

Exterior house painting preparation is not just a preliminary step—it is the cornerstone of a durable and visually appealing finish. It is the foundation upon which the success of your painting project rests.

But why exactly is preparation so vital?

  • Ensures Optimal Paint Adhesion: Proper preparation ensures optimal adhesion of paint to the surface, meaning your new paint job will last longer and look better. If your home’s exterior is not properly prepared, you might face issues such as peeling or flaking paint, which can lead to premature aging of the exterior and an unsatisfactory look. The weather in Colorado, can vary greatly from hot summers to snowy winters, and these extreme conditions can put additional stress on the paint. A well-prepared surface can weather these conditions much better, extending the life of your paint job.

  • Addresses Damage Before Painting: The preparation phase allows us to address and repair any damage to the home’s exterior before painting begins. This might include fixing cracks, replacing rotted wood, or repairing loose siding. By addressing these issues during preparation, we can ensure a smoother and more uniform paint application, enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Ensures a Clean Surface for Painting: Preparation involves thoroughly cleaning the surface to be painted. This step removes dust, dirt, and mildew that could interfere with paint adhesion. It also allows the true color and finish of your new paint to shine through, ensuring you get the exact look you desire.

Homeowner’s Guide to Pre-Painting Preparation

An exterior painting project involves more than just selecting your preferred paint color. It requires a meticulous preparation process, the importance of which cannot be understated. We break down each essential step to guide homeowners through this important phase.

Inspection and Evaluation

In the initial stages of exterior house painting preparation, a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of the home’s exterior surface is pivotal. This process involves a thorough walkthrough around the property to examine the current condition of the paint and the underlying material. Key points of this assessment include spotting areas with signs of damage like peeling or flaking paint and signs of wood rot, rust, cracks, or loose siding.

Equally crucial is the evaluation of the home’s construction material, be it wood, stucco, brick, or another type. Each of these materials demands a specific preparation approach for optimum painting results. This initial assessment helps in the creation of a customized preparation plan for the house, setting the foundation for a successful, high-quality, and long-lasting paint job.

Cleaning and Power Washing

After the initial inspection, the next crucial step is thorough cleaning. This process involves power washing the exterior to remove dirt, dust, algae, mildew, and other debris that can interfere with paint adhesion. A meticulously cleaned surface ensures the paint will stick better and last longer. 

Moreover, it can expose any underlying issues, like rot or damage, that may have been hidden by grime. Power washing must be done carefully to avoid damaging the surface, and it’s best handled by professionals who know the right pressure settings for different materials.

Repair and Restoration

During the repair and restoration phase, any damage revealed during the inspection or cleaning process is meticulously addressed. This includes treating and replacing areas affected by wood rot, sealing any cracks or holes in the surface, and restoring worn or damaged exterior features. It’s crucial to rectify these issues prior to painting, as they can impact the overall quality and longevity of the paint job. 

This stage may involve carpentry skills and specialty tools, depending on the extent and nature of the damage. Once the repairs are complete, the restored surfaces provide a solid, stable base for the new paint, ensuring it adheres appropriately and looks its best.

Priming and Sealing

The final phase in the preparation process involves priming and sealing. A primer is an essential preparatory coat applied before painting. It enhances paint adhesion to the surface, prolongs paint durability, and offers extra protection to the painted material. It also provides an even base that allows your chosen paint color to appear vibrant and true.

Sealing, on the other hand, is crucial for safeguarding your home from potential moisture damage. This is particularly significant in the variable weather conditions experienced across Colorado, by creating a solid, moisture-resistant barrier, sealing aids in preserving both the integrity of the paint and the surface underneath. This crucial step contributes to the overall longevity and aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior.

Comprehensive Exterior House Painting Services by A New View Painting

At A New View Painting, we understand how important proper preparation is for exterior house painting. We will inspect and evaluate your home’s exterior, clean and power wash it, repair any underlying issues, prime the surface, and seal areas such as window frames and doors. If you’re searching online for a “painter near me” in Erie, Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield & Lafayette, CO area, your search ends at A New View Painting.  Give us a call at (970) 660-3993 for a free estimate on our services – no strings attached! 

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